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The idea of Le Vyr came about from a need, a need for probiotic beverages that would truly express what we believed kombucha/milk kefirs had the potential to be.


Having been an avid homebrew kombucha/milk kefir consumer for the longest time (half a decade), we were excited when the trend finally caught on locally. Kombucha/milk kefirs were being imported, local breweries emerged, and kombucha/milk kefir was eventually being incorporated into cuisine. However, the commercial kombucha/milk kefirs we found on the shelves never did seem to satisfy. 

Le Vyr was partly inspired by our experiences as consumers of cocktails and craft beers. Through observing how the local movement for mixology and beer brewing has evolved, Le Vyr was created to push our local kombucha & milk kefir scene to the next stage. We aim to take an international idea and truly make it a local product.

After all, is that not how our diverse food culture came to be? 

Why focus on local flavours? 

Singapore sits at the crossroads of Asia, and now the world. Our kombucha & milk kefir was created to reflect that diversity and heritage, right at our doorsteps. We aimed to use ingredients that were not only familiar, but that would invoke memories when consumed. 

As people so involved with the roots of the Singaporean identity, we hope that Le Vyr creates a comfortable and familiar environment for new Kombucha & Milk Kefir drinkers to eventually become more accepting towards trying these gut-healthy beverages out.


We promise, you won't regret!

Image by Lily Banse
Image by Gigi
Image by Zhu Hongzhi
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