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The Complete Kombucha Making Kit.


Created to bring family and friends closer together during the holidays through a fun, meaningful bonding experience. The kit includes ready-to-use equipment, step-by-step instructions and ingredients to brew unflavoured Kombucha with Le Vyr’s lab-grown S.C.O.B.Y, and adding flavour to the kombucha through flavour infusion and carbonating, all in the comfort of home!


Also included is two sample bottles (200ml) of the our best sellers; Liang Teh Kombucha and Teh Limau Kombucha, rounding off this kit, making it a suitable gift for that special someone looking to learn something new!


What is Included in the kit:

  • 1x Scoby Peillicle & Starter Culture
  • 1x 1L Fermentation Vessel
  • 1x 500ml 2F Flip Top Bottle
  • 1x Cotton Cloth
  • 1x Rubber Bands
  • 1x Temperature Strip
  • 2x pH strips
  • 1x Disposable Pipettes
  • 2x Tea Sachet
  • 1x Sugar Sachet
  • 1x Silicone Funnel
  • 1x Label Sachet
  • 1x Instructional Manual
  • 2x 200ml Kombuchas: Liang Teh & Teh Limau


Additional Items You Will Need:

  • 1x Crockpot
  • 1x Stove
  • Chopped Fruits/Herbs Of Choice for 2F
  • 1x Stainless Steel/Wooden Utensils
  • 1x Measuring Cylinder/Weighing Scale
  • 1x Pens/Markers & Notebook
  • 1x 500ml of Cold, Pre-boiled Water


Le Vyr will offer post-purchase assistance if you are unsure or require clarification during the brewing process! Don't be shy to be in touch with us!

The Complete Kombucha Starter Kit

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