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Raspberry Ripple | A probiotic spinoff on a Local Childhood Favourite.


Our Raspberry Ripple Milk Kefir is perfect for sharing with your friends & families after a meal, as a healthy dessert!


Made with Fresh, Premium Raspberries.


Indulge in a nostalgic childhood, mid-day snack. Delectable, creamy, and packed with the right amount of berry sweetness. We aimed to create a truly mouth-watering milk kefir, coating your palette with the aroma of raspberry compote and creamy kefir, whilst providing that crunchy wafer texture we’ve come to know and love (Probiotics, B Vitamins, Potassium, Calcium and Protein included). Enjoy our Milk Kefir just perfect on its own or after some local cuisine. Made to order (yes really) and bottled in small batches, as all great things should be.


Enjoy our Raspberry Ripple Milk Kefir in 3 simple steps!

  • “Swirl” the bottle to create a ripple effect & to combine the Milk Kefir & Raspberry.

  • Pour the Raspberry Ripple Milk Kefir out onto a cup of your choice.

  • Garnish & Serve with white chocolate wafer biscuits. Enjoy!


500 ml | Raw & Unpasteurised

Best consumed within 3-5 days.

Feeds 3-4 PAX.


Caring for your Milk Kefir:

  • Keep refrigerated between 0°C & 4°C at all times! *
  • Consume within 5 days under prolonged refrigeration.
  • At room temperature (25°C), consume within 2 Hours.
  • Shake before drinking.Best enjoyed in on it's own, without ice.


Please recycle our glass bottles and give them a second life after consumption!

Raspberry Ripple Milk Kefir | Large

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