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Kopi O, Black Coffee. Your new morning fix. We aimed to create a unique kombucha to end the debate on coffee and tea. By enriching kombucha with our local coffee, we’ve created a uniquely familiar brew, surprisingly complex and without any bitterness commonly associated (B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Enzymes, and Probiotics included).


Enjoy our punchy brew with some local cuisine, before an intense workout, or just on a warm Singaporean afternoon. Brewed and bottled in small batches, as all great things should be.


330ml | Unpasteurised

Best consumed within 2 months.


Caring for your Kombucha:

  • Keep refrigerated between 0°C & 4°C receipt.
  • Consume within 2 months unopened.
  • Once opened, consume within 4 Days refrigerated & in an air tight condition.
  • Best enjoyed over Ice.

Kopi-O Kombucha

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