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Sirap Bandung, better known as Bandung is an iconic and refreshing beverage most of us indulge in the humid, warm Singaporean weather; notably recognised by its pink hue. Creamy from the rich evaporated milk, yet filled with the abundant floral notes that coats and perfumes your mouth, Le vyr aims to replicate the same experience as you sip on our Rendition of this local beverage, after a hearty plate of Nasi Lemak.

250 ml | Raw & Unpasteurised

Best consumed within 3-5 days.

Feeds 1-2 PAX.


Caring for your Milk Kefir:

  • Keep refrigerated between 0°C & 4°C at all times! *
  • Consume within 5 days under prolonged refrigeration.
  • At room temperature (25°C), consume within 2 Hours.
  • Shake before drinking.Best enjoyed on it's own, without ice.


Please recycle our glass bottles and give them a second life after consumption!

Bandung Milk Kefir | Regular

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